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2 months ago

ngActivityIndicator.js - preloaders for Angular.js apps made easy

Recently I’ve decided to move into separate module a small bunch of code that was used in several of my Angular.js apps. That’s how appeared ngActivityIndicator.js!

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5 months ago

Free social icons pack

Good news from Likeastore! We decided to open-source social icons pack that we use inside application.

This pack consists of the services that app already supports, some of them will be added in the nearest future. There are 20 high-quality images and you are free to choose how to use it. Get the pack on github!

9 months ago

Slim progress bars for Angular.js applications with ngprogress-lite.js

At first demo - I think most of us saw trickle loading bars on such popular services as Youtube or Medium, isn’t it?

Nprogress.js is an original jQuery plugin that popularized such loading effect. Unfortunately I noticed that there were no similar stable modules for Angular.js applications.

I didn’t want to add additional bytes of jQuery to my project just because of that reason and that’s why I created a port of nprogress.js for Angular.js - ngprogress-lite.js.

To start using you just need to inject provider inside your angular module and start calling methods inside your controllers, services or directives:

var app = angular.module('example', ['ngProgressLite']);

app.controller('MainCtrl', function (ngProgressLite) {
  setTimeout(function () {
  }, 1500);

You can check the result once more here and read documentation inside github repository. Also I would like to add that it’s highly customizable (including templating), as well as it has the same API as original jQuery dependent solution.

10 months ago

Vote for Streamlikes - hack entry for Node Knockout 2013 competition

Last weekend I participated in Node Knockout online hackathon. The voting is currently going on, so I would like to present my small hack here.

Streamlikes was planned as a radio for recent popular tracks and mixes of your favorite bands and artists. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to finish everything, but it already works in a way by getting likes from Facebook Graph API, and streaming tracks suggestions with HTML5 Web Audio API.

I suppose that all technical details and some inputs about the competition itself will be put in a separate article soon. So keep in touch!

And please vote for Streamlikes simply by clicking the button at the bottom of the page! Thanks! ;)

UPDATE (Dec 14, 2013): Finally competition is over and winners announced! My entry finished in Top 100 overall and took 13th and 14th place in Solo and Design categories respectively. Thanks everyone who was voting for Streamlikes! For now I won’t proceed with app’s development because of the lack of time and it will present on Joyent’s competition server as long as it will be possible.

10 months ago

Tweeting command-line application with Flatiron.js

Writing command-line interfaces with node.js is extremely easy and fun, especially if you use flatiron.js framework for this purpose. I’ve created node-tweet-cli application which allows to post tweets directly from your shell and now I want to share some details of its development process.

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11 months ago

Talk at KyivJS: Developing MEAN applications

Yesterday I had a chance to participate as a speaker in a very cool event organized by local javascript community in Kiev called KyivJS.

In my talk I was speaking about my experience of using mongodb, node.js on top with express.js and angular.js as client-side framework in likeastore project.

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11 months ago

We’ve got 1000 beta users and that’s awesome


We had a major milestone recently. In less than one month of public beta, 1000th user signed up to Likestore. That’s a quite fast grow and we are really excited about it, and would like to share few details on that.

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1 year ago

Dookie - stylus driven css library

Finally I had some time to finish Dookie - a small library that extends Stylus preprocessor with a bulk of useful mixins and components. In this post I want to share some details on it.

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